Learn how to leverage your fan base (big or small) to finally have music freedom.
This is what true music freedom looks like...
Spending more time creating music.
Not worrying about consistent income ever again.
Building multiple streams of music revenue.
Booking shows with ease and selling them out.
Have someone else worry about the 'biz side'.
Being in CONTROL of your own career!
How do you get music freedom? Get the fans.
How does Music Marketing Lab bring you closer to music freedom?
What are you going to learn in this 25+ video training?
I’ve put together a step by step social media marketing program called the MUSIC MARKETING LAB.
This online training course is tailored for music artists just like YOU to help bring awareness to your brand and turn a casual listener into a raving fan.

My 25 video training course will walk you through each step to create an awesome Facebook fan page that will create a legion of fans. And with that many devoted fans comes with it a huge career boost, sold out shows, even a record deal.

When you purchase the training course you get:
˚ Access to all 25 online videos that’ll show you how to set up Facebook and Instagram ads, get gigs on autopilot, and build a wining music brand,
˚ Tips on how to grow your fan page and create stunning social media images and videos,
˚ The EXACT strategies my musician students have used to successfully grow their FB fan page from zero to TENS OF THOUSANDS of fans,
And so much more…
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I'm Louie La Vella
I am the full time Director of Digital Marketing for 3 massive music festivals. Consultant to record labels and musicians around the globe. A contributor for Inc., Huffington Post, Sonic Bids,, An author and music industry speaker teaching music marketing. 

As you can imagine my time is well accounted for, so I founded Music Marketing Lab to empower all musicians, producers, bands and small labels to learn the EXACT advanced social media marketing techniques that I use every day.

Use the same techniques that has given me successes such as:
1. Sell over a million dollars in ticket sales with under $4K in ad budget.
2. Continuously grow a fan base from zero to tens of thousands on organic and minimal budget.
3. Develop marketing support for global tours to sell out shows on an indie budget.
... and much more.
Let's make this HAPPEN for YOU
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