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Hello my name is Louie La Vella
I make a living marketing events and selling out shows. Big shows.

I am the full time Director of Digital Marketing for several major music festivals & concerts. Consultant to record labels and musicians around the globe. A contributor for Inc., Huffington Post, Sonic Bids, Business.com, Nightclub.com. An author and music industry speaker teaching live event marketing. With multiple millions in ticket sales.

As you can imagine my time is well accounted for, and expertise in selling out events is highly sought after - so I make myself available as an advisor to concerts, live event venues and musicians like you at a fraction of the expense.

It's a passion to teach event producers around the globe my EXACT advanced social media marketing techniques that I use every day. Strategies that has given me successes such as:
1. Sell over a million dollars in ticket sales with under $4K in ad budget.
2. Sell 3000 tickets in the final 3 weeks of a show (where the producer was ready to cancel, I saved the entire concert).
2. Continuously grow a fan base from zero to tens of thousands with organic methods.
3. Develop marketing support for global tours to sell out shows on indie budgets.
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